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Class assingments, term papers, theses and dissertations, at all levels up to post-graduate.
Arrangement is by last name of author. Class title and term given if available

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Cyberspace, VR and Critical Theory
Brown University, Spring 1998
The Cyborg in Cinema and Anime
Darcy Abe MLS candidate
University of Hawaii at Manoa
The Manga Revolution
Introduction to Reference and Information Services
University of Hawaii, Fall 2006
Brent Allison
PHD candidate
Social Foundations of Education
University of Georgia
  • Japanese Animation Fandom as an Agent of Informal Educational Enterprise
    Anthropology of Education, University of Georgia
  • Housekeeping Ebichu: Gendered Misadventures in Japanese Animation
    Special Topics in Telecommunications, University of Georgia
  • Cross-cultural Gender Construction Theories and their Application to U.S. and Japanese Sequential Art
    Seminar in Ecological Anthropology, University of Georgia
  • Anime Fan Subculture: A Review of the Literature
    Mass Communication and Society, University of Georgia
  • Erwin Anciano   Fanfiction: A New Form of Internet Literature
    Senior Seminar Creative Project, Ateneo de Manila University
    Amanda Anderson   A guide for writing Sailor Moon fanfics
    Technical Report Writing, Oregon Institute of Technology, Spring 1997
    Chris Bartlo   Project Anime
    - The American Stereotype
    - Gender Roles in Anime
    - Racial Phenotypes in Anime
    - Destruction: An Ever-Present Theme
    - The Evolution of Anime
    Introduction to Media Studies: Print Media, Television, and Popular Culture, Pomona College, Spring 1999
    Matt Bednarick Japanese Animation: post-WWII anxiety in Japan
    The End of the World, Rutgers University - Camden, Fall 2003
    Brandon W. Bollom
    PHD candidate, Journalism
    University of Texas at Austin
    FLCL: How Gainax Created The First Anime For The 21st Century
    World of Japanese Animation, University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2002
    Emi Bryant   "I am Michi!": Identity Politics in Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis
    Senior Thesis, English, Haverford College, 2006
    Patrick Burleson   Anime in America
    10th Grade English
    Anne Butler Aquatranssexuals and the People Who Love Them: A Cultural Study of the American Otaku Subculture
    Senior Seminar in Cultural Studies
    Aminat Chokobaeva   Sexuality, Motherhood and Power in Japanese Pornographic Animation
    Master's Programme in Asian Studies, Lund University, Fall 2005
    Ellie Collinson   Stories of Difference: An examination of Japanese Shoojo manga and the relationship between gay men and straight women
    Senior Thesis, Asian Studies, Colorado College, Spring 2002
    Josue Colorado   Anime
    Senior Capstone Project, Florida State University School, Spring 2001
    Tracy Derynck
    PHD candidate
    Religious Studies
    University of Calgary
    Apocalypticism as Spiritual Wrestling Match: Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Tracts of Jack T. Chick, and the Longing for an Intelligible Reality
    Popular Visual Culture, Lancaster University, Spring 2004
    Marie-Antoinette Dimayuga   Nationalism in Manga and Anime
    Charles Duan  
  • Supercomputers and Giant Robots: An Exploration of Technology and the Human Soul in Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Expository Writing: Explorers and Diversity, Harvard University, Spring 2001
  • Constructing the Self: Views of Identity in Neon Genesis Evangelion and Kareshi Kanojo no Jijo
    Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation, Harvard University, Spring 2001
  • Janet Edwards   Hayao Miyazaki: An Evaluation Using the Auteur Theory
    Lawrence Eng PHD candidate, Science and Technology Studies
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Otak-who?: Technoculture, youth, consumption, and resistance. American representations of a Japanese youth subculture
    Research Seminar in Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Spring 2002
    Anthony Enriquez   Those Perfectionist Japanese - Anime: A Labor of Love
    Intercultural Communication, Shasta College, Spring 2003
    Dillon Font
  • Shoujo no Yume: Fantasy and Gender in Women-Aimed Media in Japan
    Senior Thesis, Asian Studies, Vassar College, Spring 2003
  • The Mother Ideal in Contemporary Japanese Media: Sailor Moon, Fantasy, and Constructed Femininity in Anime and Manga
    Women in Japanese Media, Vassar College, Spring 2002
  • Michele Gibney   Japanese Animation: Experiencing a Culture
    Honors Senior Thesis, University of Puget Sound, Spring 2001
    Jonathan Gladden
    MFA, Design
    Ohio State University
    Animania: inside the world of Japanese Animation and Comic Art
    Ethnic Arts, Ohio State University, Spring 1997
    Lucy Glasspool  
  • Science fiction's use of Utopian and Dystopian visions of the future in relation to challenging borders of gender and/or sexuality: Ghost in the Shell and Tenkuu no Escaflowne
  • Genre and Psychoanalysis in Akira
  • Adam Greenwood   The common misconceptions about anime
    Special Study, University of Leeds, Spring 2004
    Owen Gunden Why Do Hackers Watch Anime?
    Cyberculture, University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2003
    Kenneth Gundle   Japan's New Era of Information Communication Imperialism: The Not-So-Soft Power of Gross National Cool and Information Communication Technology
    Student Honors Essay, Stanford Japan Center, Fall 2004
    Ivan Hadad MD candidate
    Northwestern University
    Anime and American Cartoons
    Introduction to Japanese Culture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Fall 1997
    Hiten Patel  
    Brendan Harty   The History of Japanese Animation: A Western Perspective
    Asian Religion and Christianity, Gordon College, Fall 2002
    Kyle Herrity   Shoujo Otaku
    Anime, University of Michigan, Fall 2000
    Emil Hoelter   Is This All There Is To Them?: Cultural Legitimacy and What Manga and Emakimono Mean to Each Other
    Siebold University of Nagasaki, Spring 2003
    Wendy Hsu PHD candidate
    Critical and Comparative Studies in Music
    University of Virginia
    Misreading the Random: A Translational Reading of the Japanese Anime Cowboy Bebop
    MA thesis, East Asian Studies, University of Virginia, 2004
    Belinda Huang Shounen Ai Manga and the Female Identity
    "Hyphont"   Anime Term Paper
    Dominic Jesse   Japanese Animation and the Banality of Evil: How Cultural Differences Impede the Mainstreaming of Anime in America
    Independent Studies, Sociology, Northwestern University, 1999
    Oskar Kallner Shinto in Anime
    Worldviews in context: The Excluded Middle, Orebro Theological Seminary, May 2005
    Daniel Makoto Kanemitsu  
  • Doujinworld: the Subculture of the Japanese Non-Commercial Comic Book Publishing Community
    Writing for the Social Sciences, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2000
  • US and Japan pornography regulation traditions and trends
    Seminar: History of Sexuality, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Fall 1999
  • Mikhail Koulikov
  • Development, adaptation and netwar within an unauthorized social network - the case of anime fan distribution structures
    Strategic Intelligence, Indiana University, Bloomington, Fall 2007
  • First steps in developing a library collection to support research on anime and manga
    Collection Development and Management, Indiana University, Bloomington, Summer 2007
  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind as Modern Eschatological Literature
    AP English Literature and Composition, Stuyvesant High School, Spring 1999
  • Christine Hoff Kraemer PHD candidate, Religion and Literature
    Boston University
  • The Creative Apocalypse: Post-WWII Narratives of Death, Rebirth, and Transformation
    Senior Thesis, English, University of Texas, Fall 2000
  • Justification for Anime Fandom
    World of Japanese Animation, University of Texas, Austin, Fall 2000
  • Disney, Miyazaki, and Feminism: Why Western girls need Japanese animation
  • Sheri Le MA, Communication Development
    Colorado State University
    Modern Ghosts, Postmodern Shells: Ghost in the Shell and the Crisis of the Human Subject
    Theories of Mediated Communication, Colorado State University, Spring 2002
    Ben Leinweber   Manga in America: History and Trends of the American Manga Industry
    Japanese Politics, Waseda University
    Sean Leonard
    JD candidate
    University of Chicago
    Subtitling system for streamlined overlay of temporal elements on audiovisual sequences, with automatic phonetic alignment of textual elements, and social and legal consequences of subtitling activities in Japanese animation fandom
    Master of Engineering Thesis Proposal, Massachussets Institute of Technology, Spring 2004
    Pat Leung   Manga! Manga!
    Student Honors Essay, Stanford Japan Center, Summer 2005
    Jerry Levine Cartoons are for kids, and other issues: The Japanese anime market in the United States
    International Marketing, University of Maryland, Fall 2002
    David Liu  
  • The Possibility of Anime Becoming Mainstream in the United States
    Writing and Critical Thinking, Stanford University, Spring 2002
  • Gender Based Appeal in Girls' and Boys' Anime
    Language and Gender in Japan, Stanford University, Winter 2001
  • Austin Lovell   Apocalypse in Film: A Discussion of Six Apocalyptic Films
    The Book of Revelation and Apocalyptic Literature, Loyola Marymount University, Spring 1999
    Eric Moreto
    Robert Vail
    Melissa Luz   An Exploration of the Media involving the Anime Subculture and its Impact on North American Society
    Politics, Father Michael McGivney Catholic High School
    Lindsay MacLean   HYBRID:document - a contrast on the uses of manga in Japanese and American society
    Senior Project, Computing Arts, University of California, San Diego, Spring 2001
    Annie Manion MA, East Asian Studies
    University of Southern California
    Discovering Japan: Anime and Learning Japanese Culture
    MA thesis, East Asian Studies, University of Southern California
    James Matthews Anime and the Acceptance of Robotics in Japan: A Symbiotic Relationship
    Kristina Naudus Speaking Without Subtitles: The Universal Language of Otaku
    Language, Thought and Culture, New York University, Fall 2000
    Jenny Ng  
  • Myth Illuminating History in Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma
    Japanese Animation, Queens College, Spring 2004
  • The Heavenly War Chronicles: Shurato
    College Writing, Queens College, Fall 2002
  • Genevieve Petty
    MA, Humanities
    University of Louisville
  • Equality Through Depiction: A Feminist Defense of Crying Freeman
    Gender in Comics, University of Louisville, Spring 2003
  • Sexuality in American and Japanese Comic Books
    Gender in Comics, University of Louisville, Spring 2003
  • Saving Humanity through Gender Reversal: A Feminist Interpretation of Shinseiki Evangelion
    Women: Jew/Christian/Muslim, University of Louisville, 2003
  • Animation and Feminist Theory
    Feminist Theory, University of Louisville
  • An Elderly Amazon: The Unruly Woman in Ranma 1/2
    The Body in Popular Media, University of Louisville
  • Gender and Comic Books in Japan and in America: A Different Inequality
    The Body in Popular Media, University of Louisville
  • Dorothy Ann Phoenix   Protecting Youn g Eyes: Censorship and Moral Standards of Decency in Japan and the United States as Reflected in Children's Media
    SB thesis, Humanities and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Spring 2006
    Eron Rauch MFA candidate
    Photography and Media
    California Institute of the Arts
    Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Standing in Both Worlds
    Modern Japan, Northern Illinois University, Spring 2000
    "Routhier" The Happy Cuisinart Anime Subculture
    Senior Thesis prospectus, Fall 2004
    Ardith Santiago
  • Manga, Beyond Ukio-e: Aesthetics, Post-Modernism and Japan
    Aesthetics and Hermeneutics, University of California, Los Angeles, Spring 1999
  • Meiji and Manga: Japan's Past Through the Eyes of the Present
    Japanese History, Modern: 1868 to the Present, University of California, Los Angeles, Spring 1999
  • Toshiko Shige   Pokemon: Modern Childhood in a Virtual World
    Research Paper, International English Center, University of Colorado, Summer 2000
    Casey J. Sillito   Anime and the Western Audience
    University of Lethbridge
    Aaron Smith   The Japanese Influence
    English composition, Kutztown University, Spring 1996
    Dana Springall   Popular Music Meets Japanese Cartoons: A History on the Evolution of Anime Music Videos
    Samford University, Fall 2004
    Joy E. Swafford   Comparison of Female Images in Cartoons and Japanimation
    Nationalities, Sexualities, and Global TV, University of Maryland, College Park, Fall 1997
    Wilson Tai
    Resident Teacher
    Zhejiang University City College
    Casting female stereotypes in the Pacific Rim
    Pacific Rim Discourse, University of California, Santa Cruz, Fall 2001
    Alex Chang Tang   The Strange World of the Otaku
    Language, Thought & Culture, New York University, Fall 2000
    Mihoko Teshigawara PHD candidate, Linguistics
    University of Victoria
    Voices in Japanese Animation: A Phonetic Study of Vocal Stereotypes of Heroes and Villains in Japanese Culture
    Doctoral Dissertation, Linguistics, University of Victoria, 2003
    Chris Thorp   How the concept of the cyborg has changed human self-perception
    Cyberfeminism and Technoculture, University of Minnesota
    Phil Ticknor
  • Tradition, Escapism and the Occupation: Examining Japanese Mass Media
    Goucher Gollege
  • From Woodblock Prints to OAV's: A Topical Survey of Manga and Anime
    Goucher College
  • Anime Crosses the Ocean: An Intercultural Look at the Rising Popularity of Japanese Animation in the United States
    Goucher College
  • Mitchell Tribbett   Serial Experiments: Lain as an Reflection of Modern Japanese Anxieties in the Digital Era
    Anthropology of Japan, Reed College
    Dr. Natacha Villamia Sochat Manga and Anime Roots in Japan's Edo Period
    Master of Fine Arts program, School of the Museum of Fine Art, Fall 2006
    Fox Wilkinson   The Art of Anime and Pornography
    Modern Japanese Civilization, Purdue University, Spring 1998
    Christine Yang  
  • Anime and its Impact on Generational Identities
    The Writer's Journey, Stanford University, Spring 2004
  • Gender Stereotypes in Naruto
    Language and Gender in Japan: Myths and Reality, Stanford University, Winter 2004
  • Sandra Youssef Girls who like Boys who like Boys - Ethnography of Online Slash/Yaoi Fans
    BA Honors Thesis, Anthropology, Mt. Holyoke College, Spring 2004
    Daren Zimmerman   Anime and Manga: A Popular Cult Icon
    Digital Culture and the Art on the Net
    University of Saskatchewan, 1999