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Independent research projects, position papers and essays published online outside established e-journals.
Arrangement is by last name of author.

Ada Palmer
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Sean Boden  
  • Resistance to the Japanese State Through Popular Culture
  • Women and Anime - Popular Culture and its Reflection of Japanese Society
  • Jerry Chen   From Ashes to Stone: Development of Chihiro in "Spirited Away"
    Neil Cohn
    PHD candidate, Psychology
    Tufts University
  • Japanese Visual Language: The Structure of Manga
  • Cross-Cultural Space: Spatial Representation in American and Japanese Visual Language
  • Interfaces & Interactions: A Study of Bimodality
  • Visual Syntactic Structures: Towards a Generative Grammar of Visual Language
  • Maureen H. Donovan Associate Professor
    Japanese Studies Librarian
    The Ohio State University
    Japanese Studies Collection Report: Manga Collection
    Dr. Lawrence Eng  
  • The current status of "otaku" and Japan's latest youth crisis
  • A Look at "The Four Revolutions of Anime"
  • The Origins of "Otaku"
  • The Politics of "Otaku
  • Kristin Fletcher Spear   The Anime-ted Library
    Kat Kan  
    Dr. David Gauntlett Professor, Media and Audiences
    Bournemouth University
    Gender and sexuality in Japanese anime
    Dr. Volker Grassmuck Media Researcher
    Herman von Helmholtz Centre of Cultural Technology
    Humboldt University
    Man, Nation & Machine: The Otaku Answer to Pressing Problems of the Media Society
    Lucinda Hall Reference Bibliographer
    Dartmouth College
    Film Studies: A Research Guide - Anime
    Dr. Marc Hairston Research Scientist
    William B. Hanson Center for Space Sciences
    University of Texas at Dallas
    Manga, Anime and Miyazaki
    Tim Henderson   Classic Film Narratives and Flying With Pigs: What Have we been Missing?
    Camille Huang   Some Criticisms of Sharon Kinsella's "Adult Manga"
    Eri Izawa Affiliate
    Massachussets Institute of Technology
  • "What are manga and anime?"
  • The Use of the Psychic in Manga and Anime: Overview and Critique
  • The Philosophical High Road in Manga: Examples
  • Gender and Gender Relations in Manga and Anime
  • Ethnic and Racial Stereotypes in Manga
  • Environmentalism in Manga and Anime
  • "Kayote"   Reconciling Anime and Feminism
    Mikhail Koulikov Planes, Tanks and Cherry Blossoms: The Japanese Military in Japanese Animation
    Sheri Le MA, Communication Development
    Colorado State University
    Japanimania Americana: An American Perspective on Contemporary Japanese Animation - Its Historical Development, Arrival, and Influences in the United States
    Sean Leonard
    JD candidate
    University of Chicago
    Progress Against the Law: Fan Distribution, Copyright, and the Explosive Growth of Japanese Animation
    Foo Wen Li An Obsession With The Flesh: Popular culture with regards to artificial life, robotics, cybernetics and becoming post-human
    Roslyn McDonald   Studio Ghibli Feature Films and Japanese Artistic Tradition
    "Miko"   What does the film "Ghost in the Shell" and other Japanese films indicate about Japanese views on the body and identity?
    Chris Moon   Jungle Emperor, Leo & Kimba the White Lion
    Michael Mosley   dystopia*identity*m[ut]a[tio]n: A Semiotic Analysis of Anime
    Hans Norrell   The Revolution of Anime
    PhD candidate, history
    Harvard University
    Rock Holmes: Transformation - A study of reincarnation in Osamu Tezuka's Star System
    Genevieve Petty
    MA, Humanities
    University of Louisville
    A Feminist Critique of Animation
    Gilles Poitras Access Services Librarian
    Golden Gate University
    The Librarian's Guide to Anime and Manga
    "Presea"   What are anime and manga
    Susan Robinson Librarian
    Burris Laboratory School
    Anime Mediagraphy: Anime Film collection for a high school library media center
    Briah Ruh
    PHD candidate
    Communication and Culture
    Indiana University
    Liberating Cels: Forms of the Female in Japanese Cyberpunk Animation
    Ardith Santiago
  • The Evolution of Monkey: From Chinese Folk Saint to Japanese Manga Hero
  • Osaku Tezuka and the Manga Revolution
  • Kumiko Sato Assistant Professor, Japanese Studies
    Earlham College
  • The World of Shojo Manga
  • The Orient Orientalizing Itself: Japanese Animation and Split Identity
  • Dr. Amardeep Singh Assistant Professor, English
    Lehigh University
    Unlocked: Miyazaki's Spirited Away
    Marie Sullivan   Shoujo Manga
    Sabrina Surovec   Christianity and its history through Japanese animation
    Matt Thorn
    Associate Professor
    Cartoon and Comic Art
    Kyoto Seika University
  • The Face of the Other: Do Manga Characters Look "White"?
  • What Shojo Manga Are and Are Not: A Quick Guide for the Confused
  • James Van Fleet Librarian/Coordinator
    Science & Engineering Resources
    Bucknell University
    Anime for Academic Libraries
    Justin Vann   Apple Pie Baked in the Rising Sun: Japanese Anime and Its Influences on the USA
    David Allen Wade
    MFA, Electronic Visualisation
    Mississippi State University
    Neo-Tokyo Is About To Explode: The Fine Art of Anime
    Maggie Weidner   Love's Evolution: Rumiko Takahashi's Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha
    Matthew J. Weise MS candidate
    Comparative Media Studies candidate
    Massachussets Institute of Technology
    Nerd Heroes: The Phenomenon of Loser Protagonists in Modern Japanese Games
    Yuji Yamamoto   'Critique by works' as an alternative meta-critique: from a Japanese perspective