Definition of site categories

All items are organized by type (THE BASICS, ACADEMIC, GENERAL, MEDIA) and by anime/manga title or character discussed. Items may appear under more than one category.

The four main categories are defined as follows:

  • THE BASICS: History of anime/manga/fandom, definitions of terms
  • ACADEMIC: Papers prepared in fulfilment of class or degree requirements, conference presentations, articles published in academic journals, and unpublished items that approach anime, manga and fandom from an academic standpont
  • GENERAL: Unpublished informal discussions of all aspects of anime/manga, fandom, the industry, the convention circuit, and other similar topics
  • MEDIA: Articles in print and electronic publications and transcripts of TV and radio reports

    Additional resource sections

  • ANIME BOOKS: List of books published in English that deal with anime and manga
  • ANIME ON CAMPUS: List of classes on anime and manga offered at American colleges and universities