The articles in this section were written by interested individuals and appeared on homepages, anime series shrines, and fan group websites. Most of them date from the late 1990's and the early 2000's, before blogging superceded the stable homepage hosted on unique domain names and services such as GeoCities and Tripod.

Many of the essays take sides in some of the biggest debates that the Western anime and manga fan community was involved in during that period. Others are personal histories or testimonials. Most no longer exist at their original locations on the Internet, and are reproduced here for archival purposes only. However, many original Internet documents may be accessible via the Interet Archive's Wayback Machine

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Tipatat Timothy Chennavasin Understanding Anime
Mikhail Koulikov
  • Why Anime?
    Anime culture in America
  • The "Mainstreaming" of Anime
  • Otakon
  • Memories of a Fall
  • Anime in Academia
  • Eri Izawa Rei's Home Page What Are Manga and Anime?
    Eugene Woodbury
  • Anime: Geeks in Love
  • Manga: The New Serial Novel
  • Manga & SF/F
  • Anime: it's not a genre
  • T.O.D.E.
  • Heroes in Anime
  • Women in Anime
  • Cats in Anime
  • Jennifer Eagen   Anime's Enormous Eyes
    Danny Mui
  • The Beginnings of an Otaku
  • Anime is all porn! - or is it not?: Debunking the myths about anime
    All anime is nothing but pornography!
    Anime is nothing but kid's cartoons
    Pokemon is satanic and promotes slavery
  • Tom B. Pugh, Phillip Nguyen, Chin-chuen Lin  
  • Comics: The Language of the World
  • Manga: Where the Sun Never Sets
  • Myths, Misinterpretations, & Misconceptions: Censorship in Comics
  • "Farah"
  • Cartoons for Kids
  • Why most Malaysians think cartoons are only for kids
  • Melissa Luz   An Exploration of the Media Involving the Anime Subculture and its Impact on North American Society
  • From Educated Scientists to Playboy Bunnies: The Role of Women in Anime
  • Michael Cayton   Japanese Influence on American Entertainment
    Kellen Rhys Jackson  
  • The Love of Anime
  • Subtlety in Anime
  • Tony Monroe The Lens Essay: A Rant I Should Really Get Off My Chest
    Chris Bartlo  
  • The American Stereotype
  • Gender Roles in Anime
  • Racial Phenotypes in Anime: An Analysis and a Textual Collage
  • Destruction: an Ever-Present Theme
  • The Evolution of Anime
  • Candice Shih   The Anime Web Culture: What and Why
    Masaki Okada   Manga, Mother of Japanese Anime:...Japanese anime characters look Caucasian?
    Stuart Nichols  
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gainax
  • Genius, Thy Name is Ghibli
  • History of Anime
  • The Journey to the West
  • The Most Expensive Anime films ever made
  • The Rise and Fall of the Tokugawa
  • Davide Mana   Science Fiction in Japanese Cartoons and Comics: Not Just Robots
    Andrew Forrester   Otaku Suck: or "An Angry Anime Fan And His View On The Fandom"
    Emily Ravenwood
  • Hero/ine as Idol
  • In Favor of Productive Debate
  • The Arts of Interpretation
  • No Conclusion: what the terms no climax, no conclusion, no content might refer to
  • Copyright Policies for Other People's Images
  • The Shape of Intimacy
  • Sarah Davis
  • Call me 'Queen!': elitism in anime fandom
  • Just a {fan}girl
  • Otakunese
  • Too Good to be True
  • Heather Moeser The Bishounen Question
    Benjamin Liu  
  • The aesthetics of anime
  • Why Bishoujo Senshi?
  • Anime boom vs. Video game boom
  • Terry Huang   Heroes and Heroines
    Christopher Seaman Anime and Me
    Caroline Selby
  • Genesis: how did I get into anime
  • The Evils of Anime
  • A.B.L.O.D.: the madness must stop
  • Proud to be ProHentai
  • "Poundcake"   Rant: Manga Pricing
    Chris Guanche  
  • Newer Isn't Always Better
  • Elitist Anime Fans are Never Satisfied
  • PoJo is Full of Crap-o
  • Digital Editing: Magic or Menace?
  • The Encode Controversy: Hypocrisies Galore
  • The Death of Subtitled VHS
  • Hollywood Execs Like Slashing Anime
  • When Fans Go Too Far
  • Cheap Websites, Stolen Items, and the Woes They Cause
  • Cut Uncut: An Oxymoron?
  • Toonami: Things Past and Yet to Come
  • Mercedez Regidor  
  • The Blast That Is Anime
  • Anime Censorship: An Otaku's View
  • Jonathan Cook   Small-town Otaku: How the Other Half of Fandom Lives
  • Growing Commerialism in Anime
  • Subtitles and Money
  • Male Leads in Anime
  • Anime in Theaters
  • Sub Vs. Dub
  • "Li-chan"  
  • A Monday Afternoon with a Dubbed Movie
  • Erica Friedman   A Phoenix From the Ashes: an essay on yuri and shoujoai as a focus for post-modern lesbians
    Shannon Tsai   Fandom at Another Level
  • Coming Out of the Closet: A Troglodyte's Descent Into Self-discovery. Sort Of.
  • Pink Chalk Milkshake
  • Nora Jemison  
  • Variations on a Theme: Manwaa
  • Western Yaoi?: Smut goes Domestic
  • Alexandra Kwan Yaoi, Shounen-Ai, and Bishounen
    "Petronia" Petronia / Yume
  • Yaoi and the Anime Club Hetboy: A Case Study
  • Voyage To The Flip Side: Yaoi In Hentai (Or Vice-Versa)
  • Medium and Paradigm 1: Is English Yaoi Fanfic Slash?
  • M Moneure're  
  • Who fucks who?
  • Otaku's Paradise
  • The Great Yaoi Wars
  • Yaoi Wars, part 2: Advice to Clever Little Hentais
  • Yaoi Wars, Part III
  • Advice to Clever Children
  • Andrew Ingle  
  • America and Anime
  • Of Yaoi, Yuri, and Lemons
  • Amanda Wells  
  • Just Wild Beat: My Take on Music
  • Monime and Me
  • Chos-Ken Geh   A Retrospective Assessment of Manga and Anime
    "Emeryl Tekutsu"  
  • Manga Vs. Anime
  • The Guide to Colors
  • The Guide to Translating Names
  • Copyright Infringement: How Far is Too Far?
  • "Saiyanbrat"   Dear Friend: an Epistolary Anime Essay
    Jeffrey Wood   Furry Review: Inoculating a Furry Culture
    Allan Sim, Alex Clark   Masamune Shirow
    Anthony Baranyi   Wimps from Outer Space
    Mason Proulx   Personal Response to Anthony Baranyi's Wimps from Outer Space article
    "!Super Cat"   Nakago, Or, "What Is It About Those Heartless Bastards With No Emotions, Anyways?"
  • Girls and Yaoi: why do we like it
  • Boy Meets Girl: Bishounen vs. Bishoujo. Who's the cutest?
  • "The Lady Pris"  
  • Anime Love
  • The Anime Fanfiction Writer
  • "WolfSamurai"  
  • What Price Anime?
  • An Anime Fan's Look at Anime
  • "Marker Apenname"   Anime VS American Animation
    "LinaFriend" A Defense of Anime, or I'm Sick and Dang Tired of People Bashing Our Favorite Genre
    "Lady Crysiana"  
  • What I Like About Shounen Ai/Yaoi
  • Shounen Ai and Yaoi Part 2: Is It Canon?
  • Shoujo Manga
  • Brian Dodson Anime and America
    [uncredited]   Anime and Manga in Japan and America
    Dan Patanella Animation: American and Japanese
  • Can Anime Make it in the USA
  • Online Stupidity, Volume One
  • The Rise and Fall(?) of Mixx
  • Jacob Button  
  • Culture Clash
  • Why are Dubs Hated
  • Anime Intro 3
  • The Definition of the Anime Woman
  • Censorship of TV Anime
  • "Thentavius"   Why Does Anime Get Edited?
  • La langage des mangas: A guide to French manga translations
  • My summer vacation: Manga in Germany
    Manga in Germany
  • Marc Marshall   A Case for Subs
    Lee Ratner   In Defense of English Dubbed Anime
  • Dubbing vs. Subtitles
  • Commercialism ruining anime
  • Anime and the internet
  • Where is anime going and do I even care?
  • The Filter
  • I got a domain name to be origonal (sic)...just like everyone else!
  • I am quite the bastard
  • Brian Hinnant
  • My Anime History
  • [Sub or Dub] or [Sub and Dub]?
  • Anime on TV
  • David Gaxiola   What is Anime?
    Jamie Stafford   What is Anime?: A Website Resource
    Craig Douglas  
  • What is Anime?
  • Anime Examined
  • Elaine Barlow  
  • What is Anime?
  • What's an Otaku?
  • Matthew Sontum  
  • What is Anime?
  • Why I Like Anime
  • Jason Wesley   Japanese Animation Essay
    "Kain Newager"   Animex: My Essay About Anime
    Naveed Zandrite   A Common Misconception of Anime
    Andrew James Dubois Anime: The New Dimension of Animation
    Akio Nagatomi  
  • Look Who's Coming to Dinner...or Pot Shots: Part Deux
  • A Critic's Guide to Critics (Or "The Art of Writing Reviews")
  • Michelle Rogers   Magic and the Feminine: The Mahou Shoujo Genre
    Karen Kirk Shojo Anime: Don't Ask Me, I'm Just a Girl!
    "Momoko"   Project: Hate - Hate Shrines and the Like
    Toren Smith  
  • Sex in Manga
  • Toren Smith on Manga Censorship
  • Michael Hayes Lesbians in Anime
    Wednesday White hentaiFREEfree
  • My Problem with HentaiFree
  • HFF on the British Board of Film Classification
  • "Keiichi" A little anti-HentaiFREE Rant
    "CereCere"   Statement