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  • "An excellent collection of links...A good place to browse if you want to dig deeper into the meaning of what you see and its cultural context." - MIT Anime Club

  • "A great collection of articles and essays on anime" -

  • "Congrats to the author for making one of the few helpful general anime link lists I've yet seen" -

  • "Congratulations on building such an excellent website" - William O. Gardner (Assistant Professor, Japanese, Swarthmore College)

  • "A great resource! You have done a great job with the page and hope you make it even better." - Gilles Poitras (Author: The Anime Companion, Anime Essentials)

  • "Your archive is fantastic! I'm so glad that someone is taking the time to do it." - Ardith Santiago

  • "Thank you so much for setting up such an interesting and useful page" - Simona Stanzani

  • "A collection of links to some of the best and most important essays about anime on the WWW..." - Dan Patanella

  • "A must-visit site for anyone wishing to do research on anime or interested in intellectual stuff." - Jenny Ng

  • "I am doing a project on manga and its newly appearing western influences...I just wanted to say that your website is a godsend!"- "Vickster31"

  • "Thank you for making such an informative and comprehensive website. ^_^" - Stephanie Martin

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    /links from:
    - An Exploration of the Works of Hayao Miyazaki (University of California, Berkeley, Spring 2004)
    - Animation im Internet Web Project
    - Comics Scholars' Discussion List
    - Japan Links for Schools (School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield)
    - The Teacher's companion to the Anime Companion