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Irregular entries relating to the development of the entire webspace

NEWS: 20.11.2004
MEDIA section

NEWS: 29.07.2004
ACADEMIC section

MEDIA section

NEWS: 01.07.2004
ACADEMIC section

NEWS: 20.06.2004
ACADEMIC section

New items in SERIES pages: FLCL, Mahoromatic

NEWS: 25.05.2004
ACADEMIC section
Extensive additions to all subsections. Highlights:

New items in SERIES pages: Blood Reign, Unico, Urusei Yatsura

NEWS: 02.05.2004
MEDIA section

New items in SERIES pages: Mahoromatic, Revolutionary Girl Utena

NEWS: 29.04.2004
ACADEMIC section:
Extensive additions to all subsections. Highlights:

MEDIA section New items in SERIES pages: Naruto, Sailor Moon

NEWS: 26.03.2004
ACADEMIC section

MEDIA section

NEWS: 25.03.2004
ACADEMIC section

NEWS: 04.03.2004-25.03.2004
Site Additions
- Site Version 3.5 introduced:

  • FRONT PAGE: Language additions and clarifications
  • MEDIA section: complete redesign, extensive additions to all subsections
  • SERIES section: complete redesign of Evangelion subsection

NEWS: 04.03.2004
ACADEMIC section

  • Complete redesign

NEWS: 18.01.2004
ACADEMIC section

LINKS section
  • Links to academic centers of animation reseach added

NEWS: 10.01.2004

  • Three new entries in ACADEMIC
  • Three new entries in MEDIA

NEWS: 01.12.2003

  • Three new entries in ACADEMIC

NEWS: 19.11.2003

  • Nine new entries in ACADEMIC
  • Two new entries in FANDOM
  • Two new entries in CHARACTERS
  • One new entry in ANIME BOOKS

NEWS: 27.05.2003

  • Four new items in ACADEMIC
  • Two new articles in MEDIA

NEWS: 03.03.2003

  • Three new links and broken links repaired in MEDIA
  • Extensive additions, repairs and standardizations in SERIES

NEWS: 20.01.2003

  • Six new links in ACADEMIC
  • Three new links in SERIES (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain)

NEWS: 12.13.2002

  • Nine new links in ACADEMIC
  • Five new links in CHARACTERS
  • Six new links in FANDOM
  • Eleven new links in MEDIA
  • SERIES section redesigned for easier navigation

NEWS: 13.09.2002

  • Five new links in ACADEMIC
  • Twenty new links in CHARACTERS
  • Six new links in FANDOM
  • Two new links in MEDIA
  • Twenty-six new links in SERIES

NEWS: 30.07.2002

  • Three new links in SERIES
  • Eleven new links in FANDOM

NEWS: 09.07.2002

  • The Anime/Manga Web Essay Archive reopens on new independent domain

NEWS: 19.06.2002

  • Essay/article links added:
    Four to MEDIA

NEWS: 04.06.2002

  • Several essay/article links added
  • Due to [] shut-down, site moved to [free.hostdepartment/CorneredAngel]

NEWS: 17.05.2002

  • Essay/article links added:
    Two to FANDOM
    Five to CHARACTERS
    Eleven to SERIES

NEWS: 08.05.2002

  • Essay/article links added:
    Two to SERIES (Battle Angel Alita, NGE)
    Two to FANDOM (Danny Mui)

NEWS: 04.05.2002

  • Essay/article links added:
    Five to ACADEMIC
    Thirteen to CHARACTERS
    One to FANDOM
    Thirty-five to SERIES
  • NEW tag kept until next update only

NEWS: 30.04.2002

  • Total number of items in Archive: 729
  • Number of items down: 108
  • Operational: 85.19%
  • Extensive updates to all sections:
    links and text corrections
    Numberous new entries
    FANDOM section recovered
  • Site version 3.32 introduced
    Minor adjustment to section menu

NEWS: 27.04.2002

  • Essay/article links added:
    One to BASICS
    Two to ACADEMIC
    numerous to CHARACTERS
    numerous to FANDOM
    Four to MEDIA
    numerous to SERIES
  • Site version 3.31 introduced:
    Date of last link review listed

NEWS: 25.03.2002

  • New essays by Elizabeth Brooks, Ivan Hadad/Hitel Paten, Kyle Herrity and Wilson Tai added to ACADEMIC
  • New Noir essays added to CHARACTERS
  • New Noir essays added to SERIES
  • Information on anime/manga-related classes at Cal. State - Monterey Bay, SUNY-Albany, Union College added to ANIME ON CAMPUS

NEWS: 16.02.2002

  • New essays by Lawrence "Lawmune" Eng and Dr. Volker Grassmuck added to ACADEMIC
  • New Serial Experiments Lain essay added to SERIES

NEWS: 12.02.2002

  • New Dr. Marc McLelland essay added to ACADEMIC
  • Personal information on Dr. Annalee Newitz updated in ACADEMIC and ANIME ON CAMPUS

NEWS: 11.2001-1.30.2002

  • 2 new Brian Ruh essays added to ACADEMIC
  • Essays on Fushugi Yuugi, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Tenshi ni Narumon, X/1999 added to CHARACTERS
  • Articles from the Aztec Press, LA Weekly, New York Post, New York Times, USA Today added to MEDIA
  • Essays on Battle Angel Alita, Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knights Rayearth, Fushugi Yuugi, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, Slayers, Tenchi Muyo, Tenshi ni Narumon, Tokimeki Memorial, Trigun added to SERIES
  • New entry in FEEDBACK
  • FANDOM section temporarily down. I apologize for the inconvenience.

NEWS: 25.11.2001

  • Two new essays added to ACADEMIC
  • One new entry added to FEEDBACK ARCHIVE

NEWS: 25.09.2001

  • Essays on Angel Sanctuary, Ayashi no Ceres, and Revolutionary Girl Utena added to CHARACTERS
  • BBC News article added to MEDIA, cross-linked to SERIES
  • Des Moines Register and The Sunday Times articles added to MEDIA
  • Essays on Angel Sanctuary and Dragon Ball Z added to SERIES
  • Two new comments added to FEEDBACK
  • New entries added to LINKS

NEWS: 10.09.2001

  • New Jacob Milnestein essay in POKÉMON
  • Information on the Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits seminar at the Minneapolis College of Design in ANIME ON CAMPUS

NEWS: 25.08.2001

  • New essays by K. Oh Holmen Lee (cross-linked in MEDIA), Ardith Santiago, Sabrina Surovec, and "TacoMan" in ACADEMIC
  • New essays on Card Captor Sakura and Urusei Yatsura in SERIES

NEWS: 20.08.2001

  • Site version 3.21 introduced
    SoulXChange link removed from main page
    Links page introduced.
  • New Annalee Newitz essay in ACADEMIC
  • New York Times article on the My Reality exhibit in MEDIA

NEWS: 18.07.2001

  • Site version 3.12 introduced
    SoulXChange link added to main page
  • links checked and corrected in several sections
  • article on otaku in Japan added to MEDIA
  • Los Angeles Times article on the Anime Expo convention added to MEDIA

NEWS: 15.06.2001

  • New York Post article on Yu-Gi-Oh added to MEDIA, cross-linked to SERIES

NEWS: 06.06.2001

  • Site version 3.11 introduced
    Site front page design finalized
    Page title/link back to main Archive page bars added to all component pages

NEWS: 05.06.2001

  • Time Magazine article on Yu-Gi-Oh in MEDIA, cross-posted in SERIES

NEWS: 26.05.2001

  • Various entired added to FANDOM, CHARACTERS, SERIES sections
  • Site front page redesigned
  • Official meta-site name: Cornered Angel WebSpace

NEWS: 25.04.2001

  • Animation World essays link corrected in MEDIA section
  • Entries added to ACADEMIC, CHARACTERS, SERIES sections

NEWS: 27.03.2001

  • One new article in MEDIA section
  • One CNN and a number of BBC articles in Pokemon section

NEWS: 26.02.2001

NEWS: 13.02.2001

  • Entries added to ANIME ON CAMPUS scholars' and classes directories
  • Code cleanup on various pages

NEWS: 05.02.2001

  • ANIME BOOKS section introduced

NEWS: 03.02.2001

  • Minor code corrections to coordinate appearance of different pages
  • Links added to series titles in SERIES and CHARACTERS pages
    Where available, the link is to the relevant Anime Web Turnpike page
    If not available, the link is to the official American company page on the anime/manga in question
    If not available, the link is to the most comprehensive fan-run website
    [exception]: Neon Genesis Evangelion - the link is to the official Japanese (Gainax) page
  • One new entry added to ANIME ON CAMPUS scholars' directory

NEWS: 31.01.2001

  • MAJOR ROUND OF UPDATES: V. 3.0 introduced
    complete redesign of all sections
    What is...? changed to BASICS
    Sections contents alphabetized
  • Three new articles in MEDIA section

NEWS: 23.01.2001

  • Essay on Ayanami Rei by Megumi Hayashibara (voice actress for Rei) in CHARACTERS section

NEWS: 20.01.2001

  • MAJOR ROUND OF UPDATES: V. 2.2 introduced
    AMWESS front page redesigned
  • ANIME ON CAMPUS section expanded

NEWS: 17.01.2001

  • ANIME ON CAMPUS section introduced
  • Real Life Report no. 5 posted

NEWS: 19.12.2000

  • Following a legal battle in Texas involving, essentially, censorship of anime, a number of articles by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund put in the NEWS, SERIES, and POKEMON sections
  • Updates to non-AMWESS sections
    Studio Estrigious and Umbrella Studios listed in LINKS
    Allegory of the Swords short story/rant added to CREATIVE section.

NEWS: 10.12.2000

  • MAJOR ROUND OF UPDATES: V. 2.11 introduced
    Menu revamped
    FANWRITTEN category changed to FANDOM
  • Large number of essays added to all sections
  • Development of non-AMWESS CREATIVE section continues

NEWS: 31.10.2000

NEWS: 25.10.2000

  • Eagle article added to MEDIA and SERIES sections.

NEWS: 18.10.2000

NEWS: 12.10.2000

NEWS: 05.10.2000

NEWS: 02.10.2000

  • Fog short story/snapshot added into Creative section.

NEWS: 25.09.2000

NEWS: 21.09.2000

NEWS: 19.09.2000