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  • Pokemon's Power
  • Pokemon: A Brief History of the Early Years
  • The Over-Merchandising of Pikachu
  • The Over-Merchandising of Pikachu: Revisited
  • Why Pokemon Was Successful in America
  • The Cultural Politics of Pokemon Capitalism
  • Peek-A-Boo Pikachu: Exporting an Asian Subculture
  • What Pokemon Can Teach Us About Learning and Literacy
  • Pokemon: Modern Childhood in a Virtual World
  • The history of the marketing of the Pokemon phenomenon: a case study
  • Cultural and Sexual Transvestism: Pokémon's "Team Rocket" and the Translation of Japanese Masculinities
  • /newsmedia articles

    + ABC News
    Angry Anime Fans: USA Today Article Ignites Web Controversy
    Seizure-inducing Pokemon Returns, Heads for U.S.
    Have a PokemonChristmas: Tomorrow, Japan; By Labor Day, the U.S.
    Seizure or Hysteria?: Some Doctors Skeptical of Pokemon-Epilepsy Tie

    + BBC News
    Japanese cartoon triggers fits in children
    Saudi Arabia bans Pokemon
    Girl, 6, lured by Pokemon cards
    Geller sues Nintendo over Pokemon
    Pokemon virus contained
    Pokemon trumped by pocket saints
    Pokemon card crime
    Pokemon baby swap offer
    Pokemon upsets heads and parents

    + Busted Magazine
    (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund)
    Pokemon: Religious Zealot Casts First Stone, Local Paper Lobs Second, Third
    Pokémom Vows Revenge, Retailer Arrested

    + CNN
    Cartoon-based illness mystifies Japan
    Japanese cartoon triggers seizures in hundreds of children
    Saudi bans Pokemon

    + E! Online
    Pokemon Unmasked: Making a Killing in the House of Cards
    Convulsion Cartoon Bound for U.S. TV

    + Newsweek Magazine
    It's a Pokemon Planet

    + Reuters
    Japanese Cartoon Sickens Children: A TV Network Looks for Cause With Doctors, Experts

    + Time Magazine
    Beware of the Pokemania
    Should Children Play with Monsters?
    The Man Who Just Didn't Get It

    + USA Today
    U.S. Kids Safe From Cartoon Seizures?